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Who We Are!

The NuValenz Team is a family owned business operating for over 45 years now! Based out of Arizona at first, our family packed up and moved on over to Sunny St. George, Utah to start a new adventure!
Enjoy a quick video showing you how we process and package our Best Selling Product "Silver Rain"
Arthur Frazier Raegan Donn

75 year old, Arthur Frazier has been developing & perfecting recipes for these products & supplements for over 45 years now!

Art has always had a for health & wellness by showing people how they can take better care of their bodies with enrichening nutrients and proper care.

With such high credentials in developing these products with years of hard work, Art is the man to ask about anything health related!

Raegan Donn(Arthur's Granddaughter) is our lady for anything operational and business related.



Still to this day Art makes his trips up to the site where he hand picks our Brigham Tea & turns it into our product!
Enjoy this quick video showing you how we do it :)