NuValenz Health Supplements

NuValenz Health Supplements

NuValenz Health Supplements

NuValenz Products are Time Tested, People Proven. Giving your an opportunity to become independent. We are helping to balance the body through Natural Health Products.

Once known as Natural Health Balancing
NuValenz has over forty-five years marketing and designing products that help improve ones well being. We claim that these products have been "time proven and people tested". -Jack Lalane


The NuValenz products truly meet the time test concerning people’s health. These products work synergistically to heal the human body. All diseases can be put in remission! We have seen the results time after time!

Energy is the basic unit that NuValenz works with in helping balance the human body. Our bodies are in continual motion whether we are playing ball or sleeping. The body’s organs, cells, etc. are working to satisfy our needs. When this procedure gets out of balance, we have an energy depletion problem.

We have developed a method and means in working with energy to balance one’s body by energizing specific products for one’s metabolism. Then by following a basic protocol, you will then be able to take charge of your body again.

Our bodies are a perfect work of art, a temple if you will, that has to be maintained. Remember, everyone is different and has specific needs according to their body makeup. We are here to help you.


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