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The Triangle (Enzymes, Vitamins, and Minerals)

I take my proven NuValenz supplements because of our American diet! Years ago, I wrote an article that I called “The Triangle”. In that I shared the keys to amazing health. For over the past 80 years I have come to the conclusion this article explains my desire to share good health with all people. 

For people who desire to help their friends, there comes a new responsibility, and that is to become educated about products and health. 

Many people will ask “why do I need supplements; we eat healthy foods?”. If that be the case why do people become ill, have colds, flu, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol - the list goes on and on, and these same people will tell you they are eating good food, while continually running to the doctor. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY!

I respond to these questions by explaining the food chain of harvesting and growing process. The farmer first has to prepare the soil for the group he intends to plant, including fertilizing with chemicals, tilling the ground, then planting the seed, cultivating, spraying for insects, watering, etcs. Then, comes the harvest.

The farmer sells the rewards of his hard labor to a buyer who sells the fruit of the harvest to a food processor. Example: the golden-brown wheat is bleached white in the processing and the vitamins and minerals are removed, then sold to the baker who in turns, adds artificial vitamins, minerals, plus processed sugar, salts, and other chemicals to preserve the finished product (therefore creating something that has no food value). Then off to the store shelves to await the next consumer.

In conclusion the wheat has taken a beating, it has been crushed, ground, bleached and turned into a product with low vitality. Take a piece of white processed bread, form it into a round ball and bounce it off the floor - do you want to put this type of product into your body? I call it dead food! 

Present day foods lack nutrition and vitality, the energy that is needed to combat diseases. When our clients understand this concept, they become aware of the need for supplements to aid their bodies. Supplements are foods that give us energy and vitality. 

Next, we need an understanding of how these supplements work and why they are a success at aiding consumers with their health problems.

There is an important triangle in food assimilation. First, we have coenzymes, vitamins, then minerals. Vitamins need the minerals to complete the absorption in the human body. Second, enzymes will not function to their full potential without coenzymes thus the following triangle:

A simple fact is that cooked and processed foods have lost their vital enzymes, thus putting stress on our digestive system. When the body has to exert extra energy for the digestive process it pulls from other body parts to aid in the digestive process, thus organs are weakened and receptive to disease. 

Our present civilization, however, is a slave to processed foods; foods that have been over heated, over processed, treated with pesticides, preservatives, colors and flavors. Could it be the cardboard box containing a fast-food meal has a higher nutrient value than the contents?

Next, enzymes are catalyst, and are important factors in the digestive process of the body, they even begin to work when we start to think about food.

Foods are made up of 3 major groups, protein fats and carbohydrates. Enzymes start to break down the carbohydrates in the mouth (see figure 1 digestive system). As you chew your food, the food flows into the esophagus to the stomach, then the pancreas secretes acid juices to help break down the larger materials (proteins and fats) that the mouth was unable to break down. In a short period of time, the stomach muscles push the food into the small intestines. There the food is again attacked by digestive enzymes. These enzymes must break your food down to an emulsion from liquid so that it can pass through the digestive tract membranes and be absorbed in the blood, which then carry it to various organs. As we grow older the pancreas excretion of enzymes slow down, thus many older people have digestive problems.

(Figure 1)

The digestive process is a very delicate one to say the least and any disruption has a domino effect within the body. A good example would be consuming alcohol - a toxin which stops the absorption of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc, thus putting a heavy burden on the liver, which can cause cirrhosis of the liver and irreparable damage which eventually causes death. 

High blood pressure, too many proteins and fats in the body, which come from cooked red meats, cholesterol, and fat in the arteries affecting the heart. High blood pressure means death is around the corner if you do not take control of your body! 

The solution is very simple, we must change eating habits and start feeding the body natural high vitality foods and start taking NuValenz health supplements. 

Our present-day bodies have a definite need for balancing, mentally and physically. The NuValenz product line offers solutions to great health. 

When you are concerned enough and really care about your family, customers, clients, and yourself, as well as understanding what you are putting into your bodies, then and only then, will you be able to enjoy good health and live a long meaningful life.  

The above article gives one a means to stop disease but after all is said, without physically moving one's blood (exercising) walking etc. will slow the outcome of good health.