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Moving The Blood

My name is Arthur Frazier. I am the CEO and founder of NuValenz - a natural health care company. I am presently in my 80th year of life and would like to share with you some of my experiences.

 In my early years, I always had a desire to work out and I liked sports etc. After high school I became involved in a local gym and liked the results. The more I worked out the stronger I became. My diet at the time was to eat everything so one can get big. I would drink 2-3 quarts of milk per day, still eating meat. I bench pressed 250 pounds and squatted 350. Then, as I said in my last blog, marriage came, I went onto college, then made a living in the education field teaching both high school and college. All the time, still working out.. After 10 years of teaching I became involved in the sales industry. Making a lot of money in the health business. 


As I gained more knowledge about health, we tested and added more items to the business. Which leads me to say I am the founder and developer of Super Plus. Super Plus has been the foundation of my program. We have sold the product over the past 45 years with great success and happy results. 

 Let me explain why this product has such amazing results.  

The following is a health fact: one must move the body's blood. Super plus has the availability to make one get up and dance, in other words, move the blood. I have kept enhancing super plus by adding all natural ingredients to make it an amazing synergistic product- one of the key ingredients being Brigham Tea- but we’ll get into that in another blog post.

The development of super plus came about because I needed an all natural product that would energize the human body without any negative effects and produce results that would be satisfying to our customers. Plus a partner with our Silver Rain Bacteriostatic Soap. Which lead me to visiting the University of Utah to gain some direction with an all natural product. They suggested synergistic herbs- a plant based product, and minerals. I started with 50 unlabeled bottles. Seeing that there was a market for this product, I contacted a manufacturer in the Phoenix Valley to bid on my product for volume production. We designed the labels and super plus was on the market. 

I must say there have been many so-called diet products that have come and gone, but super plus has been a time tested people proven all natural product over the years. 

 Now at 80 years old I work out at our local community center in Washington, Utah. 3 hours a day I typically spend 1 hour on the elliptical machine, run a mile, then to the free weights. Working towards benching my weight (170) curls, pull downs etc. Then back home meeting with customers, shipping to ups, or the post office.  I have used this product over the past years and have rarely been sick, have worked out weekly, and enjoyed excellent health. I say all these things because if I at 80 years old can get up and move the blood, so can YOU.