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The old saying ‚ÄúWash your hands good with soap and water‚ÄĚ still holds true. Two professors from the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine thinks it even helps with bioterrorism. They conducted a study and contaminated the hands of volunteers with bacteria. The bacteria they used was close in structure to Anthrax, but harmless. After washing with various products, a good scrub with soap and water removed more than 95% of the bacterial spores. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a hand rub with alcohol for doctors and nurses who need to save time. But that is ineffective, because the spores remain on the hands.


With thirty years of experience, Silver Rain Soap has always killed 999.999% of Staph culture in 30 seconds. The Hospital Biologic Lab results show astounding comparisons. See for yourself:



Phisohex                              G     10     G     G     33    30

Betadine Scrub                    11     10     8     9      16    16

Pre-Op Iodophor                11     13     10    7      16    15

Pre-Op Hexachlorphene    G     G      G     G     28    25

Silver Rain                       13     11    11   15    18   20

**Values in ‚Äúmm‚ÄĚ, zone diameter** G=Growth


Most people don’t know this but, something to keep in mind is that hospital laboratories have some of the best lab technology needed for front line testing. The reason for this is surgeons often require accurate results as a patient is lying on the operating table. The lab results often help determine the plan of care at that time. Of course we don’t expect all of you to have access to these labs so we did the work for you.


Looking ahead at what government officials and health experts agree on, will provoke some food for thought. They agree that the greatest hazards in the American food supply are not pesticide residues or hidden allergens but food-borne pathogens‚ÄĒbacteria, viruses, parasites‚ÄĒwith the potential to harm or kill us. Most of us don‚Äôt think about those fruits and vegetables that are sitting in the refrigerator as a hazard to our health if not washed properly.


And what about that poultry or fish you set on the counter just for a minute? A single bacterium, given the right conditions, divides rapidly enough to produce colonies of billions over the course of a day. With items like dish towels, sponges, cutting boards, sinks, knives, can openers and counter-tops in bathrooms and kitchens alike, the list goes on for breeding grounds of microbes. The microbes that hide in these areas will multiply rapidly and easily transfer to food and hands.


The challenge of keeping our food and environment healthy is our responsibility. Silver Rain Soap with its clever household uses, along with topical skin care, remains in high demand for thirty years. Silver Rain Soap has no harsh chemicals and allows the ionized silver to keep up with our biologically changing world around us. Whether it is the baby nurseries, first aid kits, kitchens or bathrooms, Silver Rain Soap, exclusively offered at NuValenz, continues to be devoted and steadfast in meeting your needs.