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The Keys To a Healthy Life Style

My name is Arthur Frazier. This is my first attempt writing down a history of my positive experiences concerning health. Back story about me: I grew up in the north west where my family was involved in the lumber business. Having their own trucks, my uncles and cousins were also involved. Later my father became the regional representative for Mac trucks in Northern California. 

Later, my mother, sister and I moved to San Francisco, where I worked for Mac trucks (at the time they were the Cadillac of trucks) at the regional office. San Francisco at the time had great swimming pools, which to my convenience were free. So we started swimming every chance we had.



At that point in my life my buddy Keith and I decided we would start working out in the evenings. Then we thought why not attend a local gym? We progressed to Alex's gym on mission street. Keith quit after a few months, smoking was his problem. I stopped smoking but kept drinking at the local bars. Then I became introduced to a program called the word of wisdom, no smoking and no alcohol. I became aware of something called health. 

Then came marriage, children, college, teaching, etc. During the above time, I was introduced to sales and became so successful I gave up the teaching profession. I was presently working on my doctorate degree. With a masters degree, plus 45 credits, and 3 months selling, I made well over my 9 months teaching degree salary. After 10 years of teaching, it was a no brainer. I jumped into sales with both feet. Our first company my wife and I started. Involving making a bacteriostatic soap, which I call Silver Rain. We had many positive experiences with the product- concerning skin conditions. Easy Sale. We were spending 16 dollars per week on my oldest son with doctors visits. Negative results (Acne). Our son started using the soap and within 30 days his skin was clear. 

We were off and running. We put the children to bed at night then Janet and I would mix soap in our garage, and bottle in the evenings. So that's how NuValenz Silver Rain Soap got started.

No change in diet, we all ate meat, milk, and eggs. Now we know, according to Neil Barnard, the issues with dairy and meat are negative concerning skin issues. For more information read ‚ÄúAsk the doc can the change in diet improve my acne?‚ÄĚ In conclusion, as you finish his article, you can see his statistics with the 47,355 women that were involved.¬†

 The only food that was clearly linked to acne in the first place was milk. Meat came in second with fatty foods, 3rd. sugary foods and refined flower. When one wants crystal clear skin, diet is very important. Then Silver Rain Soap to clean up the skin. When the pores plug up, infection develops. The greatest and most reasonable infection fighter, on the market today- Tested by soft cell laboratory in st george utah (click here for the lab report t ) shows Silver Rain Soap against different pathogen bacteria. The results are amazing as one can see.

 I also have videos of 3rd degree burns, treated with silver rain soap. Being sprayed 2 times daily, directly on the wound. Within 2 weeks the area was perfectly healed, no scars, ext. There's so many amazing stories my customers have told me about with their experiences using Silver Rain Soap. It is truly a miracle product. Time tested people are proven to be what I call my silver rain soap.