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The Benefits of Using NuValenz Super Plus - Weight Loss & Energy Enhancement

NuValenz Super Plus is a designer product for those who desire to lose weight and gain the energy boost needed to start the day and a natural appetite suppressant. When this product is used along with exercise the body will respond with increased energy, endurance and strength.


NuValenz Super Plus is a natural synergistic balanced all natural product with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It uses a propitiatory energy enhancing process that brings that fat burning product to the fore front. As you use the extra energy you can realize twice the benefit. The process of burning calories is called thermogenesis. The more the product is used, the greater capacity the body acquires for burning calories the next time it is taken.

Normally the body adapts to such products, and over time increasingly larger doses are required to produce the same effect. In the case of NuValenz Super Plus, the opposite occurs. The longer a person uses it, the greater capacity the body acquires to respond. It contains no drugs or artificial ingredients and the ingredients are designed to complement proper diet and exercise. Every individual is different and you may need to adjust your intake to suit your body.


Some Ingredients in NuValenz Super Plus


Brigham Tea Exceptional tonic, decongestant and bronchial dilator. Helps the relief of arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, bursitis, painful muscles and joints. Purifying the blood as an aid to kidney and bladder problems. Has shown success with allergies and hay fever sufferers.

Cocoa Seeds Contains Nitic Oxide that helps maintain flexibility in blood vessels, thus transports oxygen and nutrients more easily to organs and tissues.

Ginger Root Circulation enhancer, lessens pain and inflammation. Powerful antioxidant against damaged cells (cancer cells) etc.

Green Tea Extract 50% Green Tea is known for its antioxidants (catechins and Polyphemus) that destroy free radicals (damaged cells). Improves blood flow, helps weight loss, and gives one an energy boost.

Guarana Seed Extract 22% Fat burner and increase energy and strength. Introduces the process of liposysis which involves the release of fat from cells (cellulite) into the blood stream where it is used for energy. Appetite suppressant 2.5 times stronger than caffeine but it is unlike caffeine because of its slow energy release, providing sustained energy (without caffeine side effects) for longer periods of time. Aphrodisiac properties.

Kelp is a principal source of iodine in its natural form promoting the proper function of the thyroid gland. In turn, iodine helps to burn food so it is not stored as unwanted fat. Kelp is an all natural plant food that aids in balancing the human body giving one the extra ability to lose weight, provide energy and endurance. Kelp contains almost every mineral and trace mineral necessary for human existence including amino acids and vitamins.

Maca Root Rich in minerals and vitamins containing aphrodisiac properties that can increase libido by 180%.

Yerba Mate Extract 10% Rich in minerals, has been used as a health tonic and stimulant. Alkaloids called mateine helps stop food craving. Improves energy levels, lots of antioxidents, aids in digestion, and boosts the immune system.