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Silver Rain Soap I Acne and Diet: How They Work Hand-in-Hand

Silver Rain Soap I Acne and Diet: How They Work Hand-in-Hand

In 2010, acne was estimated to affect 650 million people globally making it the 8th most common disease worldwide. Cost alone in the United States per year was over 2.5 million dollars.


Pharmaceutical chemicals presently used by doctors in trying to combat acne have negative side effects, for example: bacterial resistance to antibiotics, yeast infections, oral thrush, plus the exposure of the drugs themselves!


NuValenz Silver Rain soap helps to clear acne naturally without harsh chemicals, balancing the body with proven results without expensive chemicals. Remember, acne doesn’t only attack young people; adults also suffer from this condition.


The following information and products are contained in the acne kit which can be purchased through the NuValenz website store:

  1. Silver Rain Bacteriostatic Soap, which attacks bacterial infection on the skin
  2. Super Plus which works to detox the body
  3. Alfalfa provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

Foods play an important role in the development of and the healing of acne. If you look at the skin itself, acne occurs when the oil glands distend and become clogged. This is especially the case during puberty when there is a surge of sex hormones, which increases oil production in the skin. However, hormonal shifts occur all throughout life, so acne can persist or develop into adulthood. Fortunately, hormones and a compound in the blood (which also contributes to oil gland blockage) called IGF-I are influenced by diet and can resolved at any time.

The body manages hormone levels in the liver. When there is excess testosterone and estrogen, the liver filters them out of the blood and into the intestinal tract to be eliminated. Fiber is essential to this process, which is what soaks up and escorts out the excess level of hormones.

Take note: there was a Nurse’s Healthy Study conducted by Harvard University that studied 47,355 women in high school. They found a compelling link between their development of acne and their consumption of milk and milk-based foods like instant breakfast drinks, sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. They found the same results with another group of girls passing through adolescence. They suspected that the hormones in the milk had something to do with it, but also noted that consuming milk or milk-based products increased the amount of IGF-I in the blood (which, as mentioned before, contributes to acne issues).

Changing one’s diet to remedy problems with acne comes down to dramatically reducing the amount of dairy, meat, fatty, and refined foods consumed. A mostly plant-based diet combined with low-glycemic foods (like beans, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and other foods that keep blood sugar levels even) is recommended. Because acne is an inflammatory condition, it makes sense that a diet made up of mostly anti-inflammatory foods (like the low-glycemic foods mentioned) would allow your liver to more efficiently balance out the body’s hormone levels and blood compounds, contributing to clearer skin.