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Also known as Capsicum and is a much stronger herb than Cayenne. The Capsicum fruit family has many herbs in its family. The activity of the herb in the family is measured by BTU ratings (British Thermal Units) in other words, how hot is it? The African Black Pepper is 180,000 BTU’s compared to cayenne, which is only 40,000 BTU’s.

NuValenz offers the most potent capsicum pepper on the market. It is a powerful energizer, producing, when swallowed a sense of heat in the stomach and a general glow over the body.

  • Increases thermogenesis for weight loss, and gives the system a little cardiovascular lift, thereby effectively increasing body circulation.
  • Increases the liver enzymes accountable for fat metabolism and decreases the fat deposits in the liver caused by a high fat diet thereby reducing weight gain due to a high fat diet by increasing the speed of fat metabolism.
  • The red color is due in part to its high Vitamin A content, which is essential for normal vision, growth, cellular activity, reproduction and immunity.
  •  Is known as the best and purest stimulant in the herb kingdom and has been called by many as the purest and most effective stimulant in the herb bag of medicine.
  • May be used as a poultice for any inflammation.
  • Increases the heart action without increasing the blood pressure.
  • Synergistic, enhancing the power of all other herbs.
  • Is useful to aid in the removal and cleaning of tissue in the stomach. The effect is to promote rebuilding of tissue, which in effect heals the stomach and intestinal ulcers.

NuValenz African Black Pepper is a product that when used as directed can be used for many imbalances of the body such as, infections, respiratory ailments, male and female complaints, just to mention a few. Most illnesses are a result of loss of heat in the body. Balancing an illness requires ridding the body of toxins and restoring the life heat, NuValenz African Black Pepper will do just that.

African Black Pepper

  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but rather is a dietary supplement intended solely for nutritional support.

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