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Echinacea is one of the most potent herbs that support the immune system and is useful for treating colds and flu. It has antibiotic like, anti-viral like, and anti-inflammatory like properties.  The active compounds in Echinacea are given to increase the ability of white blood cells to surround and destroy bacterial and viral invaders.   

 Echinacea specifically strengthens the immune system against pathogenic infection by stimulating phagocytosis.  T-cell formation is amongst the most powerful and effective remedies against all kinds of bacterial and viral infection. 
• Echinacea is an excellent blood cleaner. 
• Echinacea works like penicillin in the body. 
• The use of Echinacea functions especially well in so-called glandular infections and ailments. It is used to treat strep throat and lymph glands. 
• Echinacea also expels poisons and toxins. 
• Echinacea activates the body’s defense system against all outside influences and anti- inflammatory properties. 
• Echinacea blocks the receptor site of the virus on the surface of the cell membranes preventing cell infection. 
Echinacea Plus can be used as a liquid nervine tincture, which is applied topically along the spine and on tense muscles.  Keep the body warm, allowing the body to absorb the herbs into the effective areas to promote rapid healing. This is called an herbal adjustment.

Unlimited Echinacea Plus


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