1 Unit of Chromium/18 Pack (60 Capsules Each)


The exciting news in nutrition for losing weight and fat – while keeping muscle – is NuValenz, Inc. Chromium. Just two hundred micrograms of chromium daily can offer dramatic results to those seeking the ultimate payoff from their weight loss or fitness program. People across the country are talking about the benefits of this incredible nutrient: less body fat, more lean muscle, more energy, appetite control, and even a lessened desire for sweets!


1.    Reduce dietary fat consumption to no more than 20% of calories
2.    Increase dietary fiber – low in calories; high in nutrients
3.    Get regular aerobic exercise – and burn fat calories!
4.    Take chromium daily – lose the fat; keep the muscle


There is no question that chromium is an important trace mineral. Some of the symptoms associated with chromium deficiency are impaired glucose tolerance, hypoglycemia, corneal lesions, ocular eye pressure, decreased fertility and sperm count, decreased insulin, and decreased lean body mass. The true value of chromium should never be limited to weight loss and body-building. It is much more than a narcissistic mineral.

Signs and symptoms of chromium deficiency in the general population appear widespread due not only to suboptimal intake of dietary chromium, but also the elevated consumption of simple sugars that are known to increase chromium losses.  A large percentage of the people with marginally impaired glucose tolerance or elevated circulating insulin respond to supplemental chromium.

In summary, recent advances in chromium nutrition research strengthen the association of insufficient dietary chromium as one of the risk factors to maturity onset diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and further document the role of chromium in the maintenance of optimal health.

Chromium 18 Bottle Unit

  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but rather is a dietary supplement intended solely for nutritional support.

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