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Brigham tea is an exceptional liquid tonic, toning up many parts of the body, a decongestant and bronchial dilator. It has a reputation of helping arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, bursitis, painful muscles and joints, relieving toxic conditions, purifying the blood, an aid to kidney and bladder problems, relief from allergies and hay fever.

Brigham tea is a great health plant, a super fat burning product. We at NuValenz value its many natural abilities to help balance one’s metabolism.

Brigham tea extract is an all-natural designer product developed by NuValenz, containing natural trace minerals and vitamins. The NuValenz non-alcoholic extraction method potentizes and retains all the valuable properties of the plant.

This special plant is like no others in that it is grown in a habitat free of chemicals and pollution, a product produced and harvested in the USA. Truly, a 20th century designer product of the USA.

The health benefits of Brigham tea include increasing energy, lowering blood pressure, suppressing allergic reactions, eliminating coughs and colds, stimulating the metabolism, protecting against kidney infections and aiding weight loss efforts. Most of these properties are due to the high levels of tannins and other alkaloids.

Brigham Tea Powder/Stems

Brigham Tea
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but rather is a dietary supplement intended solely for nutritional support.

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